Human Resources and Organizational Development

As a coach and consultant, I accompany directors, officers and their employees on their way to a positive and lasting corporate culture and help to reduce the tension and potential conflict which may arise from uncertainty in dealing with different perceptions of good leadership.

Human Resources Strategy

Many features of the human resources management are shaped by a complex tension between high standards in the operational implementation and an unreasonable anchoring in the overall strategic leadership of companies and organizations.

Organizational and Cultural Development

Corporate culture in general has always been regarded as a source of constant misunderstandings in the daily work. Business models, for example, often have an attractive effect to the outside, but in everyday operations and management routine, they quickly reach their limits.

Succession planning in family businesses

Since my own roots go back to a family-run medium-sized company, I am familiar with a lot of issues and characteristics that demand great care, respect and understanding by all parties while passing a company from one generation to the next.