As your reasons may vary, my business activities will do so accordingly. Challenge my ability of individual coaching defined by your personal situation, the accompanying work in situations of change and consulting in the broader context of human resources and organizational development.
Methodical basis of my work are the dialogue, interview techniques, value analysis, mission development, and my multiple experiences in organizational development, leadership and strategic HR work.
A fair and open dialogue also means that I am always reflecting on my own work. Supervision is an integral part of my job in coaching and consulting. Through regular evaluation of our work, I make sure that a high quality of results is achieved and the expectations are met.

Coaching and Personal Assistance

I coach people who want to move and want to set others in motion, too. For example, you want to define your own standing, find guidance in identifying targets or career planning, reflection and guidance on dealing with new, unknown and unfamiliar challenges, conflicts or your somewhat less-known qualities and potentials - this is just a sample selection of occasions which deserve your intensive study and attention.

Coaching in business and economics

The monitoring work in the work context in particular focuses on your role and function of both the immediate and further professional environment. My focus lies in the areas of leadership, cooperation, strategy and reorientation.