Coaching in Business and Economy

My coaching work in the business context in particular focuses on your role and function of both the immediate and further professional environment. My focus lies in the areas of leadership, cooperation, strategy and reorientation.

Based on many years of leadership experience and diverse practices in different branches and companies I provide a comprehensive and systemic foundation in order to develop – together with you – the "landscape" that you will bring to life and cultivate by your own professional work. First there are the small daily changes, negotiations, interpersonal conflicts, and stress in dealing with new issues and colleagues that might be subject of our joint work. And secondly, maybe a new and challenging assignment, your search for the right strategy or your oncoming management task. All in all, situations that demand all of your responsibilities and skills, and where both the extent of your fulfillment of the requirements and how you meet your duties are questioned as well.

So its time for you to ask (or be asked) the right questions on how to fulfill your options and creative possibilities with confidence and passion. After all you want to feel safe and comfortable at your job. Cooperation and working climate are a matter of trust. Only those who dare trust themselves also trust others.

In Short


  • individuals
  • groups
  • professionals
  • aspiring professionals
  • managers
  • employees
  • representatives of official bodies
  • entrepreneurs
  • CEOs